Land and Wildlife

Invest in Land, Water, and State Parks

The Land for Maine’s Future program protects our natural resources - including working forestland, farmland, and waterfront sites - and secures public access to mountain summits, rivers, lakes, and coastal shorelines in all 16 counties. LMF has a history of broad support and this bond will allow the program to continue to protect Maine’s natural legacy.

Factsheets: 2020 Land Water Bond Factsheet

Clean Water

Protect Clean Water in Maine

Clean water is a vital part of living and working in Maine, supporting commercial fishing, tourism, high-tech industries, and waterfront communities alike. This fee increase for facilities that directly discharge into state waters will support DEP staff to ensure clean water protections and provide technical assistance to discharges.

Factsheets: 2020 Protect Clean Water Factsheet


Designate PFAS as a Hazardous Substance

Toxic PFAS have contaminated our lands and waters, and pose significant health risks, yet farmers, landowners, and communities struggling with these toxic “forever chemicals” have little recourse. Designating PFAS as a hazardous substance will allow Maine DEP to fund PFAS cleanup through the Uncontrolled Sites Program.

Factsheets: 2020 PFAS Factsheet

Municipal Recycling Round

Strengthen Maine’s Municipal Recycling Programs

Product packaging, including plastic, cardboard, glass, and metal, makes up 30%-40% of the materials managed by Maine’s municipal waste management programs. Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging would make manufacturers – not Maine taxpayers – responsible for the cost of recycling these materials, making recycling more effective, sustainable, and equitable.

Factsheets: 2020 Municipal Recycling Factsheet