Protecting Children from Exposure to Toxins

Status: Enacted in House, pending final enactment in Senate.

An Act to Protect Children’s Health and the Environment from Toxic Chemicals in Toys and Children’s’ Products. This bill will require manufacturers to disclose the use of priority chemicals in kid’s products and to authorize Maine to require safer alternatives, if available, effective and affordable.

Keeping Lead out of Toys

Status: Enacted in both bodies.

An Act To Ensure That Children's Toys and Products Are Free of Lead. With the approval of this bill, Maine became the fourth state in the country to ban lead in kid’s products.

Establishing a Single, Uniform Building and Energy Code for Maine

Status: Enacted in House, pending final action in Senate.

An Act to Establish the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code. This bill saves Maine families money and protects health and the environment by setting cost effective standards for our homes.

Placing Limits on Carbon Dioxide Pollution from Coal Gasification

Status: Enacted in both bodies and signed by Governor Baldacci.

An Act To Minimize Carbon Dioxide Emissions from New Coal-powered Industrial and Electrical Generating Facilities in the State. This law puts an end to Twin River Energy Centers’ plans to build a gasification plant in Wiscasset and gives the Department of Environmental Protection three years to develop standards governing the emission and capture of carbon dioxide pollution – a major contributor to global warming.

Wind Power

Status: Enacted in both bodies.

An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Wind Power Development. This bill improves the permitting process for wind power projects, establishes expedited permitting areas, and requires projects to provide benefits to Maine people.

Restoring Native Fish Habitat

Status: Enacted in both bodies and signed by Governor Baldacci.

An Act To Restore Diadromous Fish in the St. Croix River. This amended bill will result in the opening up of one dam to alewives on the St. Croix, but not the more important Grand Falls Dam. We are disappointed in this outcome.

Revitalizing Downtowns

Status: Included in 2008 supplemental budget and engrossed by the House.

An Act To Amend the Credit for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties. This bill creates a tax credit to aid downtown revitalization by adapting and reusing historic buildings as an alternative to new construction on farmland, forests and other open space.