Tom Bull

Tom Bull

The Honorable

Why should you be Secretary of State?

I am running for Secretary of State due to a long held interest in the position and my unique qualifications for the job. I am currently in management within the department and have worked across the agency in the different bureaus; gaining valuable understanding of how the department operates. I am also a former four term legislator who understands the legislative process and the intersection between the department and the legislature. This combination of skill sets makes me stand out from the other candidates and makes me the best person for the job; I will be ready on day one to lead. My vision for the department is to use my experience to be a strong advocate for our voting system and to work on ways to enhance accessibility and participation through steps like automatic absentee ballot renewal. I will rely upon my knowledge to push for operational reforms to enhance the customer experience through more on-line services and streamlining of operations. I will ensure that all Mainers feel welcome in the offices of the Department and are able to get the services they need. I ask you to treat this election as a job interview; my experience and knowledge make me the most qualified candidate for the position and I respectfully ask for the opportunity to be able to be the next Secretary of State. Thank you.

Do you support the establishment of an online voter registration system in Maine?


Need to not be one of 10 states without this option.

Do you support Maine joining the Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC)? More information about ERIC can be found here:


Certainly sounds like a good idea, but need do more research and ascertain costs before committing.

As a way to lower or eliminate barriers to voting, do you support providing pre-paid postage for mail-in ballots?


The caveat being the availability of financial resources.

Once the leader in voter turnout, Maine is losing ground to states like Colorado that have modernized and made continuous improvements to their election systems. How will you help modernize Maine's election systems to better meet the needs of voters?

On-line voter registration, automatic renewal of absentee ballot requests, greater outreach to disenfranchised communities, schools and other groups.

What reforms do you think are needed, if any, at the Department of the Secretary of State and how will you include black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) voices in these decisions?

Start with listening; learn what needs and barriers are in place that need to be addressed. Need to ensure that voting is accessible and open to all. The first intersection with the Department of Secretary of State that many members of disenfranchised communities is through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles; need to assure that all people feel welcome and that the employees have the tools and training to interact appropriately. Have discussions on the presence of systematic racism and how to address it.

Would you like to add anything else?

My unique experience and qualifications will give me the tools necessary to work with my fellow employees to be an effective leader; I will ensure they have the resources and support necessary for their jobs.