Maine's Environmental Priorities Coalition


fisherman Keep roads and wildlife safe with the Stream Crossing Bond: Many Maine culverts are old, ineffective, and put our roads, public safety, and wildlife at risk. Stream connectivity is critically important to maintaining healthy fish and wildlife populations. The Stream Crossings Bond is a well-planned, cost-effective investment that will create jobs and help keep our roads and wildlife safe. Sponsored by Rep. Jeff McCabe

weatherization Lower energy costs for Maine people with the Energy Efficient Housing Bond: Maine has some of the oldest, most energy inefficient homes in the country that cost us billions in wasted heating costs. Improving the energy efficiency of Maine’s housing stock offers a tremendous return on investment. The Energy Efficient Housing Bond will create jobs and lower energy costs for Maine people. Sponsored by Sen. Dawn Hill

Maine farms Protect Maine’s natural resources with the Forest, Farm, and Fish Bond:The Land for Maine’s Future program has a history of broad support and an outstanding record of success in protecting Maine’s natural legacy. The Forest, Farm, and Fish Bond supports important conservation and economic opportunities, helping to preserve our Maine way of life for future generations. Sponsored by Sen. Roger Katz

solar power Build Maine’s solar economy and improve energy security: Maine is falling far behind on solar, losing opportunities for job creation and energy security. Solar offers Maine homeowners and businesses an affordable way to generate their own power. The Solar Power for Maine bill will help reduce financial and regulatory barriers and spur investment in solar power. Sponsored by Rep. Sara Gideon

endangered species Update Maine’s Endangered and Threatened Species List: Protecting wildlife from extinction is vital to maintaining Maine’s biodiversity and the economic opportunities our environment provides. Maine’s Endangered and Threatened Species List is an important tool, but it’s out of date. Updating the List will protect six at-risk species and create predictability for landowners and developers. IF&W Dept. Bill

kid with fish Protect Maine lakes and the clean water and wildlife habitat they provide: Maine lakes generate $3.5 billion in annual economic activity for Maine. But the water quality of Maine lakes and ponds is exhibiting widespread, measurable declines. Improving Maine’s lake protection law will preserve the health and economic benefits of Maine’s world class lakes and ponds. Sponsored by Rep. Gary Hilliard